Ama K. on natural skintone

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An Interview With The Fabulous Miss Ama K. Abebrese

An Actress

About me…

I am from a family of three sisters with mum and dad. I have spent majority of my life in London (UK), however, I was born in Kumasi (Ghana). My hobbies are boot camp, yoga and recently I took up swimming. I have a Media Arts and Drama degree obtained at St. Mary’s University College in the UK. I tend to get shy sometimes and I know it sounds weird since a lot of people think I cannot be shy because I am on TV and I act. But funny enough a lot of times I get really shy and even nervous. Sometimes I tend to use that nervous energy to over compensate and I get extra talkative when I am actually shy lol.

Why I founded ‘I Love My Natural Skintone’ Campaign…

What inspired the “I love my natural skin tone campaign” was seeing all that was happening around me. And it is no secret that a lot of people in Ghana and many parts of Africa bleach, lighten or as they call it these days ‘tone’ their skin in other to have a lighter skin. I also noticed that increasingly there were younger people doing it and also that they all had their reasons for bleaching. And out of these people, only a few willingly admit that they are using creams, chemicals, pills and all sort of concoctions to make their skin lighter. So I sensed it important to have a campaign that not only promotes being happy with your natural skin tone but also to start the dialogue going on why so many young women and men see the need to lighten their skin. It is a campaign that aims to highlight different ranges of beauty including why one thing is considered beautiful and yet another isn’t. It is essentially to educate people for them to know that whether they are naturally light skinned or dark skinned or any other skin type, they are beautiful just the way they are.

Advise to dark women who want to look fair….

The first thing I would ask dark women who desperately want to be fair is why they want to do that in the first place. Because I think people feel that by changing something on the outside, it’ll make them feel good on the inside. But then you can use every skin bleaching or lightening cream in the world but if you don’t deal with the inside first, you will still not be happy. So I feel that you should know the reason why you feel a desperate need to have a fairer skin. Some people change their mind when they are told the consequences of bleaching or lightening their skin but there are other people who just want to do it no matter how dangerous the procedure is to their health.

What I recommend to people who want to lighten or bleach their skin is to see a qualified dermatologist. This is because the reason why some people want to bleach like dark marks and scars could be resolved by other means. So I think it’s best to see a dermatologist as opposed to creams, concoctions, pills and others which can be harmful to the person.

Thank you.

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