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An Interview The Fabulous Cynthia MacCauley, A Lady Reverend/Gospel Musician

About me…

My name is Cynthia MacCauley. I was born on 11th April and am almost 40 years. I am the first of 4 children to my parents. Although I’m from Aburi, I was born in Ho, Ghana. When I was 4 years old, my Grandma sent me to live in Cape Coast with an Auntie and the husband.

The academic failures…

My basic education was in University of Cape Coast (UCC) Primary School. There, I wrote the late entrance and I think I did not do too well. I am saying this because of how some spoke to me and referred to it. I gained admission to Apam Secondary School for my ‘O’ level. It was here that my failures began popping up. At the end of the fifth year my results showed that I failed almost all the exams. I had 6 in English and 9 in all the rest. I was sent back to the Senior High School; I was older than my mates and at first was a bit uncomfortable. I stayed there anyway and tried to do my best. However, my best just could not be enough because I still failed some of the subjects I had to better if I still wanted to make it academically.

God changed my story…
My husband I am sure is the best. I say so because that is who God has given me and keeps encouraging me to strive for the best. He helped me through distance education but I came back with the reason that I could not make it through. He again helped me to go for a sandwich course – Diploma in Early Childhood Education. My husband is the father of first class so he would always ask me to study for a first class. But to make you know the strong man behind me and all around me, let me introduce you to the HOLY SPIRIT – the one that JESUS gave us after He left.

I had 8 As in the first semester, 5As and 3B+ in the second semester and 9As in the third semester. This can only be by the Hand of God. I remember times when it was difficult to pay for the fees both in the secondary and the university. People have spoken of me being a non-entity; even if not audibly, their actions helped me know. My last paper was written in confusion and was not sure of what I had written. I was tempted to ask someone for help but God’s Word says that ‘the arm of flesh will fail us’. After the exam, I kept praying that God will have mercy and if it takes marking for me, He should do so. One night in my dream, a woman called me, took my script and corrected all the mistakes I had made. I had A in that paper to the glory of God! The Bible says that ‘God takes the foolish things of this world to confound the wise’.

I will always be grateful to my lecturers and my family – both physical and spiritual. I am now a Lady Reverend in Victory Bible Church International headed by the Bishop N.A Tackie Yarboi and his wife Mama Dora. I am also a Gospel Musician.

My advice…

I believe this story from my journey will bring someone to Christ. God is so real. Draw close and He will draw close to you. He is the Orchestrator of all things. I will encourage you not to lose heart but surrender to JESUS and He will make all things beautiful in His time. JESUS DID IT FOR HIS GLORY. If you are ready, then JESUS is ready to turn your story around too.

Thank you

Source: The Fabulous Woman Network Facebook page

Interview conducted by Ama Duncan, Founder of The Fabulous Woman Network

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