Legs or no legs, i’ll praise my creator

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An Interview with The Fabulous Onyameba Betty

A Gospel Musician

Betty Boakye is the name I used in school but I changed my name to Onyameba Betty after my situation. I completed Kumasi Girls SHS in 2007. I am currently a gospel musician, a soundtrack composer for movies and I also attend programmes when I am invited. My hobbies are praying, reading the Bible, cooking and doing house chores.

My life before…

My father left my mum when I was in JHS and so she had to take care of my siblings and me all by herself. I am the first born of three children. My dream was to become a Newscaster in future but I couldn’t continue my education after SHS due to financial constraints. I decided to look for a job so I wrote a lot of applications to schools, companies and others but to no avail. I have always been serious with the work of God and helping in the house of God. Since I knew how to sing, I decided to sing to help churches in their ministration. I went for programs to help pastors with the ministration of the gospel. I felt bad every time I experienced a church without a singing ministry.

And then my life changed…

On the 29th of January, 2011. I went for a program at Konongo and was on my way to a nearby hotel for the night so that I could return to Kumasi the next day. On my way to the hotel, I was involved in an accident. I didn’t see what actually happened even though I wasn’t asleep. All I remember was that I was talking in an ambulance and there was a hand on my head assuring me that I will be home soon. I remember saying “Jesus Christ I have been in an accident!!!” and I lost consciousness. I regained consciousness at the Emergency Unit of KATH, Kumasi. I could see my legs tied together with a big and heavy wood. I couldn’t sit, talk or recognize anyone.  I fell asleep again and when I woke up, I was taken to the theatre for the first surgery where they put some big heavy metals called eternal fixators in my legs and I was placed in a ward after the surgery. I was able to talk after the first surgery and I was told that the eternal fixators were trial tests.

I was in the hospital for eight months. During this time I could see the bones in my legs since the skin had been peeled off in the accident. My legs were rotting and I was dying. The doctor asked me if I was married or had children I was young but I wasn’t married and I didn’t have any children. The doctor couldn’t tell me that he had to amputate my right leg so he told one of the nurses. The nurse explained to me that the doctor has to amputate my right leg since it was rotten and I could die if the leg wasn’t removed. I agreed and I was taken to the theatre for the amputation. I had to go to the theatre seven times during my eight months stay in the hospital. My right leg was amputated and the doctor was trying to save my left leg but my kneecap got removed during the accident, the leg got twisted, was enlarging and got infected. I couldn’t eat, drink, sit or move anymore so the doctors thought my pelvic girdle was broken or damaged during the accident. I was in so much pain that I asked the nurse if the left leg could also be amputated. She told me that the doctor had talked about it a month ago but didn’t have the courage to ask me if the leg could be amputated. The nurse then called the doctor, who was relieved that I had requested for my left leg to be amputated. My mum came to the hospital and she cried a lot when she found out that my left leg was also to be amputated. I cried with my mum and consoled her with the word of God. I was later taken to the theatre for the amputation and I began to get better after the amputation.

I was able to eat, drink and sit. This miracle happened one day while I was lying in the hospital bed, I began to feel very hungry and suddenly I realised was sitting on the bed! The other women in the ward started to call out for the nurse thinking that I was about to fall off the bed. The nurses came in and were shocked to see that I was sitting. They asked me how I was able to sit but I didn’t have an answer because I didn’t know either. All I knew was that I was hungry which I told them. The nurses were so amazed at what they saw.

My life now…

When I was discharged and got home it felt as if I was in another world. It was very weird because I was used to walking on two legs but now I had to depend on my siblings to help me move about. It wasn’t easy at all, I felt as if I was starting a new life in a new world. The word of God helped me through this trying time especially Philippians 12:13: ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. The Lord has been so good to me especially through this whole accident. It was very difficult and my siblings had to carry me like a baby whenever I wanted to go somewhere. Through all of this I never once wished or wanted to commit suicide and I thank God for that. I remember the doctor warning my mum not to keep any sharp objects around me but I still cooked using these same sharp objects without even thinking of using them on myself.

My advice to you…

Whatever situation you find yourself whether childless, unmarried or going through problems that you feel and know are beyond you, God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you could ever ask for. The Bible says that the good Lord who has called us by grace unto Jesus Christ after we have suffered for a while is going to strengthen and establish us. I know that with God all things are possible and that hope is not lost as long as I have life. God will always make a way where there seems to be no way and He makes all things beautiful in His time. He is not going to deny or forsake me or anyone because of their situation. You can be rejected by the world but the Bible says that God uses what the world has rejected to glorify himself. So no matter the situation you are in, God will use it to bless you and glorify His name.

Hope is not all lost as long as there is life!

God bless you

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