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An Interview With The Fabulous MamiSerwaa Amoakohene, A Social Entrepreneur

How do you do it?
Tell me how?
How do you keep yourself from going over the edge?
I know they say it’s all in the head.
But for the love of self, how do you do it?
My heart beats like a humming bird’s wings
chills run down my spine
Just trying to hold onto the last straw
O please help me cause I don’t know how long I can keep this up
Leave me alone
Please stop tormenting me
Why O why

About me…
My name is MamiSerwaa Amoakohene, I’m a creative director, social entrepreneur, speaker, artist, writer, CEO of 3Ps [Purpose, Product, Persistence] Solutions; a design and branding consulting firm and curator of “Finding the Person Called Me”. I am a Ghanaian by birth – an Ashanti – from a large family of six siblings, third born and first girl. For leisure I enjoy playing pool, dancing, brainstorming, as well as table tennis. My favorite food is Banku with okra soup. My sense of fashion I would say is comfortable and classy.

My story…
Despite having a happy childhood, most of my teenage life was plagued with confusions of life and myself. Being the first girl and the only girl for most of my formative years seemed to have compounded the situation. Despising the roles dealt on me simply because I was a girl, I created a yearning to be a boy (or so I thought). Most of my 20s was spent searching for meaning, trying to understand why certain things upset me and others did not. Why things were the way they were. Why this? why that? A whirlwind of whys which took me down so many paths. Some good, others destructive.

The turning point came when I found myself wandering down a major highway in a new city in Texas (USA), having recently moved there by my own choice, not knowing anyone nor having any relatives there and no clue as to how I was going to make it. As I walked pondering what I was going to do, out of the blue I heard a still voice say, “You’re going to be okay.” I also felt a deep sense of peace inside and somehow felt and knew I was going to be okay. The thing was, there was nothing physically okay about my situation at the time and yet I felt so at peace. There was only one being that I could attribute this to: the Lord Almighty.

Up until then, church was not part of the equation in my life, I had made that choice to get rid of church, however I found my way in church soon after and gave my life to Christ. I turned to God and started asking Him all those questions that had plagued my life, and He started answering them through the Bible. “Luke 1:79 To shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace.”

That was the peace I felt that day. I found a job soon after and life seemed to be on the up and up. Then tragedy happened, I got injured on the job and got sent home. Here I was, unable to work, trusting God, praying for a miracle. Instead, what I heard was, “I’ve blessed you with so many gifts and you have done nothing.” I had just graduated from an art school in Georgia with honors in both Advertising and Graphic Design and was doing nothing with my degrees. I had also continued to study Project Management and Multimedia after moving to Texas and still did nothing with those.

How I started my firm…
The question I asked was: what was I going to do? Sit at home crying about the injury, about being wrongfully terminated or get up and do something with all that I had been blessed with? That was the next turn in my life. I decided to go into business for myself, I started a marketing and design firm. Sadly I had no clue about running a business, all I knew was the art of the industry.

I did not know that strategic marketing was the life-line of business. I spent most of the first year going from one event to another all in the name of marketing. I found out later that I needed to understand my clientele and attend events that catered to them. Another challenge was how to manage business finances; that first year I lived off of savings because I didn’t know how to account for business expenses. Resource management was another critical element especially when running a one-woman show. I needed to really to be able to plan my daily activities. I learnt the hard way the difference between working ON a business and working IN the business. One grows a business (the ON) while the other keeps it stagnant (the IN).

Despite the business not reaching the level of success I was aspiring for, these lessons and more made me appreciate the decision to start.

And then life happened…

In 2013, life took another turn; my older brother suddenly passed away and I gave up on life. I could not face clients nor contain myself, but God was faithful and ensured I had business coming in. In fact, in that short period I made the most money ever since I started the business. As I was getting back on track, my mother passed away the following year. Two deaths in two years. I went into an auto pilot mode, I was going through life but was not really present. After the burial of my mom I felt it was time to move back home to Ghana, to see how I could apply myself and perhaps make a difference in my own little way. In less than two months after her funeral, I was back in Ghana for good.

I wish I could say I had everything planned but no I didn’t. However, the answer came when I made the decision to help a friend out. In the course of that, they asked what seemed a simple question to me, “Do you know your strengths?” All those years I spent asking questions, being in the state of confusion and dialoguing with God had led me to answer this question. What I was unaware of was that most people have asked that same question but few have ever answered it.

A new journey was birthed in 2016. “Finding the Person Called Me”; a self-guided workbook and program that is helping individuals discover themselves and put together a game plan to actualise the life they envision. For in the end it’s not good enough just praying, just discovering, you must be able to do something with all you have been given.

My advice…

Life is full of twists and turns, in all of it look to God and give Him the glory. Plan your life and take those plans to the author of your life (God).

Lastly, get up, start something and don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand, your answer may be right there. Thank you.
MamiSerwaa spends most of her time guiding individuals and businesses on how to draw inward to express, build and grow. She can be reached at

Interviewed by Ama Duncan, Founder of The Fabulous Woman Network


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