Single Motherhood

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An Interview With The Fabulous Caroline Sampson

A Radio & TV Personality

About me…

I am an only child, I grew up and lived in Tema most of my life. After Senior High School (SHS), I worked for a while and then took part in the Miss Malika Ghana contest. My family comprises my mum, me and my son.

My dreams and aspirations as a young girl…

I wanted to be an Architect but the interest changed when I went to Mfantsiman Girls’ to study General Arts. That’s where my dream job changed to Public Relations (PR). I loved to do anything that could let me speak.

After school…

After SHS my family didn’t have enough money so I decided to work first in a boutique, café and then a gym. Along the line, I decided to try out for Miss Malika Ghana. It started as a joke but later became a test for me to see if I could also be on TV. Miss Malika changed my life. I think being a PR Officer and I believe I am fortunate to be living my dream.

Then I got pregnant…

I was confused; I had never been pregnant before and I was using precaution. I was 27. Abortion was totally out of the question. I had already sinned and didn’t want to kill my child. I got more confused when the guy didn’t want to get involved and wanted an abortion. I said ‘no’ He told me that I was on my own. I went through a lot of emotional and mental stress, but I just had to accept that I was on my own and relax to get ready for the baby’s arrival. My mum, was disappointed even though she didn’t tell me, but then her actions proved that she was.

My decision to keep my baby…

My doctor encouraged me to have the baby since I was old enough, had a good job and was close to 30. He explained that if a woman doesn’t give birth before 30, chances are that she might have some problems conceiving later. The talk with the doctor helped me look at the positive side of my situation. A few friends of mine also encouraged me even though others didn’t think it was a good idea. Those who disagreed had the view that in our society, if a woman gives birth out of wedlock, it is difficult for the woman to take care of the child especially when the man denies paternity. I decided to focus on the positive advice. Indeed, that is what has guided me to this point.

My life as a single mother…

I have embraced life as a single mother. I know that I have responsibilities and so I am always keeping up with the pace. I know that every thought, action and word I say around him has to be checked as these matter a lot. Every time I am out, I am always thinking about him and how to get food on the table because I don’t want him to be in need of anything at any point in time. My biggest fear is for him to need something major or urgent that I can’t provide. I am lucky to have my mum taking care of him so I don’t have to worry much about the domestic part which would have been my biggest challenge and difficulty. The home is every mother’s biggest challenge and not her career, so I am very glad to have my mum; I know he is safe.

My advice to women with similar situation…

I had certain values I promised never to break while growing up, but those are the same things I ended up doing which brought me to this point. The truth is you can never be too careful as a human being but then again we can watch how things unfold as we grow especially in our relationship with people and take clues and advice ourselves before things get out of hand.

We need to start from the grassroots and educate people. People can change and what could be bad at the moment may turn out to be good and vice versa. I think that if you are with someone for a while, you should be able to know the person, where the relationship is going and the two of you should agree on certain important issues instead of just being boyfriend and girlfriend. In this modern world, who wants to be in a relationship for more than five years without knowing if the person really wants to be with them or not?

If you find out that your partner isn’t a good match, you should walk away immediately because if you stay and the problems in the relationship escalate, you may not be able to leave the relationship easily.

I think women should control the intimacy level they have with their partners since we are the ones who bear the pain or joy of whatever happens in the end.

Thank you

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