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Written By The Fabulous Akosua Sintim Aboagye, A Nurse

My name is Akosua Sintim Aboagye. I am 24 years old and I just completed Nurses Training College, Ho. I live in Accra but I come from Begoro in the Eastern Region.

The night before…

It was a Thursday. My friend Jennifer and I decided to sleep in Mavis’ (my best friend) hostel, because it was closer to campus and would make our 3:00 am trip easier.

The hostel bed could accommodate only two people, Mavis asked Jennifer and I to sleep on her bed and she decided to learn (we had final exams the next Monday) Just around 12:00 midnight, Jennifer woke up saying she had a dream. All she said was ‘someone died in my dream’ Jokingly, Mavis said ‘Portia it’s you’ and I replied by saying ‘I am so sorry Mavis but it was you’ then we went back to sleep.

The Fateful Friday…

We had our educational trip to Mampong School for the Deaf and Dumb and Research Into Plant Medicine. We woke up at 2:00am to get ready for the day, for some reason Mavis thought she wasn’t looking nice that morning she wanted me to dress her but I just didn’t want to. We took pictures at that hour and we headed off to campus afterwards. I remember Mavis was feeling very cold because she sat down in the cold weather to learn…

At 6:00am in the morning we saw our bus allocations; Mavis was not on my bus but she hid and ran to my bus. We were in a group of five and sat on the same row, 3 on the left, 2 on the right. I was sitting by the window. In fact throughout the journey I was very quiet.

At the Mampong Research Into Plant Medicine, my mum came looking for me because I told her we would be coming there. As we were chatting, she asked me to go home with her so that I go back to school the next day but I said no. My dad called me and said the same thing but I still I said no. Then it started drizzling so I told my mum to go home but before she left, she asked me which one of the buses I came on. According to her, she said something told her there would be an accident so she didn’t want to leave me. Meanwhile that whole week, the church had been praying against accident and my mum was very active in that. Finally she agreed to leave.

After eating at the Aburi Botanical Gardens, Mavis took my shoes and wore them, I also took someone else’s shoes. We took pictures and walked around the gardens until it was time to leave, Mavis was already in the car with the others, I was late because I went to the washroom.  When I got to the bus, I was going to sit at where I sat before but Mavis said no. She said I should sit at where Ann (our other friend) was sitting so that Ann would sit beside her; she actually changed my sitting position.

The tutor instructed the bus driver to use the Accra-Dodowa road but he said he preferred to use the road from mountains to Ho. He was driving at top speed all because we didn’t give him sardine for his kenkey, he was angry! He missed the right road and used a different one with many curves. Because of the way the road is, people don’t use it. Lucky for us we saw a Taxi Driver out of nowhere washing his car and he shouted “slow down curves!” There was no car on the road, when we told the driver what the man said he told us ‘keep quiet, you will not die alone. I will also die’ Some few seconds later we were in the curves and the one sitting beside me said descending the mountains would be nice therefore we should stand and watch it. So I stood and held the seat in front of me.

After the first curve the car was out of control it was just moving on one side. I knew this was it. I heard the first somersault and the rest was history…I was unconscious. Then I heard someone calling my name ‘Portia get up’ but it sounded so far away. Finally I became conscious. I started shouting, then realized I couldn’t walk so people helped get me out of the car which was turned upside down with rolling tyres, then again I noticed we were footsteps away from a valley! Jesus!!!

My head was light, people were crying, people had spinal injury, brain infraction, incontinence, fractures, acid on the eye, name them. It started raining, luckily for us one of the other bus drivers knew our driver missed his way so they followed our bus and came to meet us helpless on the road. People were trapped between seats and Mavis was part because she was sleeping before the accident.

Few minutes later, cars were in to convey us to the hospital. When my car got to Somaya the place was flooded and my car got spoilt. The driver started shouting ‘ACCIDENT OOOOHHH’. As soon as people heard that they walked in the rain to help us into someone’s trotro. They carried us like babies.

When we finally arrived at the hospital the lights were out! Hmmmm…Those with head problems were quickly transferred to a bigger hospital. It was a black Friday!


The driver died, and the last somersault landed on a mate’s chest. In fact the force took him out of the car, and broke the wind screen that made vision impossible at the time of the accident.

My mum came to the hospital that very evening. A police woman called my mum that I was sick so she should come to the hospital, but my mum knew it was something bigger than being sick. She heard the news from people and that made her sick. When she got to the hospital I heard people saying Portia your mum is here. As soon as I saw her I called her and she said that was a big relief to her even though I was not able to walk. We were transferred to Ho the following day (Volta Regional Hospital)

Any time I asked questions about Mavis, all they told me was that she was in a different hospital but their faces told me something different. One afternoon one of the senior nurses was visiting us and the statement she made was “oh Portia sorry okay, Mavis hmmmmm” just then I knew something was wrong.

So I asked my mum to give me my phone and I went to Facebook, I thought my eyes were showing me something different. I can’t explain how I felt. At that moment the only thing I remembered was she telling me to buy the Daily Manner book so that I could read it everyday and that it was very good.

Apparently everybody knew Mavis was dead but my principal told everyone not to tell me including my mum and the nurses at the hospital. She lost her limbs and broke her neck. It was really painful. I cried. In fact everyone cried because they have been holding their tears for so long. It was not easy for me at all. I would always dream about her… it was not easy at all.

Mavis was one friend who would tell you off when you did something wrong but would defend you in public, honestly. But what the Father said to me when he came looking for me was that I shouldn’t cry and I should make sure not to question God.

I had a muscle damage which affected my walking, I had cuts on my left hand and I was in a wheel chair for two weeks. Someone had to bath and dress me. It took me more than two months for my pains to subside. With what I had, I think I was very lucky because some of my mates in school were not able to finish with us due to this accident.

Some lessons…

Anything good you want to do in life must be done now because you just don’t know when you will stop breathing.

It has also made me to be easy on myself, most importantly you should be kind to people. Anytime someone mentions your name and says something good about you the effect on your life is great.

Words are very powerful; in fact any negative word about your life must be rejected right there and then! Don’t waste even a second on it before saying something positive.

Also dreams should be seen as a revelation of what might happen in the future so that we pray about them. Even Jennifer had forgotten about her dream…

This one is for you Mavis…

I miss you 🙁

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