The Fabulous Woman Connects – Dinner With The Girls

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On Friday 11th December, I had the privilege of hosting 30+ fabulous women for our maiden event dubbed The Fabulous Woman Connects – Dinner With The Girls. This was a networking dinner where we connected with potential business partners, clients, spiritual leaders, mentors… the opportunities were endless. We also discussed issues that concern us as women. Oh boy, that was fun!!! It was simply amazing. We had teachers, lady pastors, doctors, a pharmacist, lecturers, students, business women, a fitness instructor, housewives, etc etc. And of course, where there are fabulous women, there are pictures!!! (Enjoy the album on our page).

At the end of this event, two things were obvious: we were all fabulous and we definitely wanted this to happen often. Here are some few of the comments I had after the event: ‘Thanks so much Ama for this event. I got so many contacts and now calling them to do business will be easier because they are like my big sisters. Also, when I heard you ladies testifying about Dr. Barbara Sekyere, I knew I had to see her because I am experiencing some of the challenges you ladies talked about. I am meeting her on Monday. Thank you so much because it is not easy to connect with such people’ ‘What you did was great. It takes fear and shyness from most women. There are lots of topics that as women we can meet and talk about to enrich our lives and our homes. You should organize this more often. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks again’ ‘Thanks for yesterday evening. It was so fabulous’ ‘God bless you for inviting me to be part of this fabulous program. I really had fun’ ‘Thank you so much for this opportunity. It was a beautiful evening. God strengthen you and grant you more grace’ ‘I see The Fabulous Woman Network going places’ Glory be to God for this wonderful maiden event. It is the first of many to come and it will be a pleasure to connect with more fabulous women on this platform and beyond. Our next event dubbed The Fabulous Woman Speaks comes off on Saturday 6th February, 2016 in Kumasi, Ghana. Please block this date on your calendar and come because IT WILL BE FABULOUS! (More details coming soon on our platforms) We also want to say thank you to our sponsors: Golden Tulip Kumasi City, Abby’s Wand, Vera Obeng Photography, Fondjo Images, Dougboat Enterprise, Nsaa Kids Clothing, Corporate Training Solutions, Reaga Right, Dom 21, Lawyer Kwame Nkrumah Botsio and some gallant men who support the organization. To my husband Samuel Duncan; you are one of a kind, God richly bless you. To You Jesus; THANK YOU Ama xx

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