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Written By A Mystery Fabulous Woman


Your grace and Mercy brought me through,

I’m living this moment because of you,

I want to thank you and praise you too,

Your grace and mercy 3x

brought me through!!

Early morning on Saturday, July 11, 2015 we woke up with a strong knock on our door by the Police. I hurried up and opened the door and we were informed that our then 22-year old son Kojo – a university student in Nebraska (3 hours away from home where he was doing his 2nd degree) had been assaulted while intoxicated and was in very critical condition. We needed to call immediately to give them permission to perform a particular surgery. We needed to go there immediately! My knees immediately started shaking and I was about to fall so I sat on the staircase for a while, within seconds my husband and I were on our way to Nebraska.

When we arrived they had him on very strong medicine (propofol) but he recognized us and said I’M SORRY. I immediately told him not to worry and that the Lord would heal him. We prayed. The doctors briefed us about the whole situation and we signed the papers for emergency surgery to be performed the next day. His jaw had been broken into 7 pieces. We don’t drink so we didn’t know that he drunk. We were trying to figure out how he drunk and all this happened. He had backslidden and drunk with friends, gotten into an altercation in a bar and was choked. As to who did it and where the friends were when it happened we don’t know. There were moments of anger, frustration and confusion but through it all we thanked God for saving him and continued to pray for complete healing! That afternoon, he wrote on a paper ”I FORGIVE WHOEVER DID THIS TO ME” We believe that was the beginning of his healing!

The surgery went well even though it lasted much longer than it was supposed to. These were very scary moments but the Lord took him through it. The doctors who performed both surgeries were very good! Some friends started visiting after the surgery and they brought us food and clothing. My brothers came the day after the surgery and they were very angry and poised on going to find who did this since we believe it was racially inclined. I begged them to leave it alone. They went to the bar but didn’t do anything.

My husband had to come back home but God granted me favour to be able to stay with Kojo continuously for 4 weeks and then on and off thereafter. My husband would come every Wednesday and stay for 3 days and then go back on Sunday. God gave me even more favor by allowing my Sister-in -law to come from Canada and stay with us for a while so after he was released from the hospital that helped me a lot! My boss at work also worked with me so that I could take 3 days off and work 3 days on for about a month… that was favour!

Gradually Kojo started getting better. Students were coming and going. Some money was raised for him. There were some very dark nights where he had serious nightmares from the medication and we had to pray a lot.  There were also some nights where he feared he would die. We prayed a lot and through it all God healed him. After about a month he started talking and did a lot of therapy until the stitches in the mouth were removed after about 2 months.

There were times that his lecturers doubted if he would be able to finish the degree in Occupational Therapy. He insisted that he would be able to finish anyway. A few exams were difficult but he made it, Some of the lecturers taught him in the hospital. They also allowed him to do some of his practical training in the same hospital. That was favour from the Lord.

By Gods grace he did a number of dental surgeries and has to do some more in the future but overall, the Lord took him through. He repented of his sins and was baptized a year after the incident. His life verse is Isaiah 43:18-19 ‘FORGET THE FORMER THINGS, DO NOT DWELL ON THE PAST. SEE I’M DOING A NEW THING. I’M MAKING A WAY IN THE WILDERNESS’ The Lord has made him new. He has learnt from his mistake and chosen the right path now. We needed to love him, help him grow in the Lord rather than blame him. It wasn’t easy but the Lord took us through!

To add to what the Lord has done, after 2 years he has been able to graduate as a doctor in Occupational Therapy and he is now working in a hospital. If it had not been for the Lord on our side where would we be? The Lord helped me to endure 4 weeks in the hospital by his side. I didn’t leave that room. I stayed there throughout and the Lord was with us. There were times that we wanted to sue the person who did it but we went to the Lord in prayer and He revealed to us that we shouldn’t.

To God be the glory!


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